About Read Write Now

The Read Write Now program exists to improve the literacy of adults who have left the school system and have inadequate literacy for everyday life demands.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Survey (2006) showed that 46.8% of the adult population have this problem. This can limit them to low paying jobs, limited opportunities for training or promotion, perpetuating cycles of low literacy in families and often social exclusion as they try to hide the problem from others. The fear of having their illiteracy discovered is almost crippling for some adults.

Typically they are reluctant to cross the threshold into a formal education institution again as they associate their sense of failure with the school system. This is where Read Write Now provides a softer option. Volunteer tutors work one-on-one in an informal setting, such as a private space in a local library, community centre or coffee shop. The hour and a half session is spent on individual learning programs developed jointly by the tutor and student to meet the goals of the adult student. Tutors rebuild the confidence of the student in their ability to learn and overcome the shame they often carry.

Read Write Now changes lives through literacy

It is estimated that the Program has directly assisted over 35 000 West Australians. However, it is not just the individuals seeking help who benefit - it is their children, their employers, the local community, the WA economy and ultimately society as a whole. Higher levels of literacy build the social capital of communities, leading to greater participation and community resilience.

Currently the program operates in 21 regions throughout the state including the Perth metropolitan area, and regional centres including, Albany, Avon region, Bridgetown and surrounds, Broome, Bunbury, Collie, Esperance, Geraldton and Katanning. Throughout its history, the Program has also provided services in a number of other regional centres.

Over 40 years, Read Write Now has brought literacy to West Australians far and wide.