Bulletin Board

A very happy birthday to the following Coordinators who will celebrate during the month of -


11th Marion Paterson (Mandurah)
13th Helen Wills-Johnson (City Metro)
13th Ingrid Clark (Canning)
16th Mary Dunn (Stirling)


8th Eleanor Venables (Mandurah)
13th Caroline Silver (City Metro)
13th Greg Elliott (Morley)

Coordinator Contacts

Many Coordinators have asked for the contact details of other Read Write Now Coordinators. We now have a new list for 2016 which will be emailed to you. We do not send this list to anyone else, it is confidential.

Metro groups by suburb
When prospective tutors and students ring Central Office we refer to this 2015 suburbslist to ensure we are giving the callers the correct Coordinator details. Please let us know if you see any glaring errors.


Weekend Australian article
In the Weekend Australian magazine April 14-15, the article "Back to School" featured former RWN student Michael Stuart. Michael continues to be a great advocate of the program and is always more than happy to put his face forward as 'talent' if asked. We have had more than half a dozen calls and/or on-line tutor applications from the article. Look out for some new promotional material featuring Michael. To read the article click here 2012 Weekend Australian Back to School.Michael Stuart

Literacy article
This article appeared in The Age recently and describes the type of adult student who often seeks our help. It is worth a read. You wouldn't read about it

2010 RWN Student Survey
The 2010 Survey Report report can be viewed by clicking here.