Working toward Student Goals


Jan and Maureen were matched in March 2015 and have recently finished working together. Maureen wrote this thank you letter to her Coordinator, a lovely reminder for why we do what we do.



This is an excerpt from a RWN tutor's 12 week Self Evaluation. The tutor was encouraged by her student's progress, we thought it was absolutely wonderful and worth sharing.

Laura's main goals were:

  1. Improve her reading
  2. Improve her writing
  3. Improve her spelling
  4. To be able to send a text message without fear of ridicule
  5. To be able to research on the internet and understand the text of research
  6. To join a library
  7. To complete a First Aid Course and be able to read the manual and test questions
  8. To be able to read a road map, menu and people's names on name badges with confidence-she didn't go to restaurants as she couldn't read the menu
  9. To be able to understand and fill in forms and documents
  10. To travel overseas



I felt encouraged that Laura went on to join the library and take books out regularly, successfully started to text her family and friends, grew in confidence talking to people she felt were 'above' her, continually used her phone internet to research topics of interest, read 'House and Garden' magazines regularly, tackled different cafes and restaurants, completed a First Aid course-successfully reading the manual and questions, filled in forms with minimal assistance and travelled overseas for a much wanted holiday.