Become a Tutor

Please follow these steps to become a volunteer literacy tutor(please note this a Western Australian program) -

Step 1 - The Application Form
If you would like to be a tutor, please complete the application form and submit it. Please note we prefer applicants to be over 22 years of age.

Step 2 - Meet your local Coordinator
You will be contacted by a Coordinator in your region, who is also a volunteer, to arrange an interview. At the interview the Coordinator will discuss with you your interests and background as this is an important part of matching you with a student. You will also be made aware of the responsibilities that go with being a tutor, including training and making a commitment to the Program for at least 12 months.

Step 3 - Permission for a Police Check
Government regulations insist that as of 2008, all adults (both volunteer and paid) who work with 'vulnerable people' must have a Police Check. The term 'vulnerable people' not only includes children and the elderly, it has been deemed to also include those with low literacy levels. It is therefore compulsory that all Read Write Now tutors have a Police Check. This is done at no expense to you. You will be asked to provide appropriate (100 point) identification at the interview stage. A previous conviction does not necessarily disqualify you.

Step 4 - Training Course
If both you and the Coordinator decide that Read Write Now is the right volunteering organisation for you, you will be invited to take part in the training course. Once you have completed the training course your Coordinator will match you with a student.

Step 5 - Become a Tutor
Becoming a tutor is a 'no pay' job but it is definitely not a 'no perks' job. You will receive professional training, have the support of your Coordinator and the Central Office team and have access to a varied range of resources. You will have the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as you want and develop both professional and personal skills. However the real 'perks' come from the students themselves - being part of their new-found success is a wonderful experience.