Our training course and PD


All Read Write Now tutors complete a training course. For tutors in the metropolitan area, this is conducted over four days, usually consecutive Saturdays. Mid-week courses can be offered if there is a demand. Regional tutors attend two weekend (Saturday and Sunday) training sessions. Training is provided free of charge. The course in Tutoring in Adult Literacy and Numeracy is designed to give tutors ideas and strategies to confidently assist adult students. Topics covered include: Reading, spelling and writing, lesson and program planning, adult learning principles and approaches to assisting students from a culturally and linguistically diverse background (CaLD). Homework is set during the course for tutors to complete.

"The course is so enlightening on how to assist people with their literacy challenges. The philosophy of setting up students for success is brilliant and infectious."Tutor, Catherine


Professional Development

Read Write Now offers specialist workshops throughout the year for tutors to attend to increase their skills and expand their personal and professional networks. Centrally based workshops are conducted throughout the year and local workshops are organised by Regional Coordinators.



"I've been tutoring for nearly a year now! I've used your training, materials and advice extensively, and think of you often, with much gratitude!" Tutor, Lucy