Student Progress Page and Database

For RWN Tutors

The Student Progress Page (Student and Tutor Progress Review) is for matched tutors and students to set tutoring goals and record progress. As this is measured at the end of May and November, the form will help you both to see the progress made, thus giving you both a boost. It will especially work toward increasing your student's self esteem. Tutors and students are asked to update the form together, remembering it is your student's perception that counts. The tutor is then asked to log on to the Program's database and enter the information on their student's page. This enables Central Office to compile the reports that are required to account for our funding. Reminders will be sent towards the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2 for tutors to complete on-line information from their student.

The page is available as either a

Word Document which can be completed on screen and then saved, or

PDF Filewhich you can print off and complete with your student.

Thank you for your cooperation in completing this requirement. If you have any queries regarding the Page, or any other issue related to tutoring, please feel free to ring either your Coordinator or Central Office.